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SCR Regional Director’s Project – 2023 - 2025
Our theme: Plant America-Pollinate South-Central Region

The purpose of the SCR Director’s project:

Prize Awarded:

Who May Apply: Any individual garden club that is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., and South-Central Region. One project per garden club may be submitted.

Application Deadline: Chairman must receive on or before ???, via email.

How to Apply: The application will be on the SCR website, in “The Communicator” and available through the State Presidents.
Program Criteria: Involving and educating youth in our community on critical issues, total involvement and participation by club members and youth from youth garden clubs, schools, or youth organizations. A report (not to exceed three pages) describing the project and including lists of garden club members and youth involved and photos must be submitted to the Chairman.

Questions: ??, Chairman of the Director’s Project


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